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Jan. 5th, 2011 04:38 pm
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Player Name: Lindsey
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] xlineartx
AIM: xXsophisticat3d
Other characters currently in-game: Bobby Drake
Who referred you to the game?: word of mouth etc.

Character Name: Julio Esteban “Rictor” Rictor

Canon source: Marvel 616

Personality: Rictor is kind of complicated. Usually on the surface he appears gruff, grouchy, and somewhat closed-off. When he feels comfortable, however, he becomes sarcastic and slightly irreverent, capable of joking around and teasing his friends and teammates. The more comfortable he feels, the goofier he gets, and when he’s in his element he can be downright hilarious.

Privately, though, he is a mass of neurosis. He can’t handle being pitied, but he sees himself as something of an object of pity. He is harshly critical of himself and is uncomfortable showing weakness. He’s spent so long playing the tough guy that it’s become a habit, and he doesn’t know any other way to be.

And just as he was starting to coming to terms with himself, his powers were taken from him. He lost both a significant part of his identity as well as his main sort of spiritual crutch. He’s learned to deal with it, and even carved out a place for himself in the mutant community, but even now he would jump at the chance to get his powers back again. His experiences with Pietro and the Terrigen crystals have left him somewhat wary, though.

Deep down, he is genuinely compassionate, and he cares deeply about his friends and (the nice, law-abiding members of his) family, even if he forgets to keep in touch.

History: Right here!
He’ll be coming in literally right before Rahne’s ultrasound, for maximum discomfort

-He’s a pretty good shot. He has the potential to be a really good shot, although obviously nothing like the Hawkeyes or Cyclops or anyone.

-He’s smarter than he lets on. He’s gotten quite good at detecting since joining up with X-Factor, and is most likely one of their top people. He handles their tech stuff, which would qualify him as “good with technology” if his extended circle of friends didn’t include people who can boss around sentinels or cobble together computers out of practically nothing. Plus he is capable of learning a whole new language just to impress a boy, so.

-He’s pretty capable in hand-to-hand combat. While a lot of his previous training utilized his powers to some extent, he can still hold his own.

-He has an extremely high pain tolerance. This is probably not that great of a thing.

-He has some pretty severe emotional problems, which he thinks he can deal with on his own. Most of the time he sort of can, but he doesn’t really react well to trauma; he will panic if presented with something he doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle, and rather than asking for help he’ll usually threaten violence against either the perpetrators, himself, or whoever he feels he needs to in order to resolve the situation. He also tends to shut down or run away when faced with complicated emotional situations, usually when romance is involved somewhere.

-He’s just an ordinary human being of above-average fitness. He doesn’t have any super powers anymore.

-He’s kind of lazy when he’s not on a case

-His taste in things like clothes and music is questionable at best.

Preferred drop-in point: Seattle!

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? awkward age group times, meeting new and interesting people, general grumpitude

First Person Journal Sample:
[it’s Rictor. he does not look happy. Well, he doesn’t look happy very often, these days, but right now he looks even less happy than usual]

Right, okay, let’s get this over with. [scrubs a hand down his face] I’m Rictor. If this universe is really what they say it is, we got no problems. If it’s really Mojoworld in disguise, you guys got about twenty-four hours to send me back before Shatterstar comes looking for me…which is probably why you kidnapped me in the first place. Mierda. Anyway, fair warning.

If none of that made any sense to you, do me a favor and pretend I didn’t say it. I just had some bad experiences with these alternate universes in the past, is all. [looks around awkwardly for a second or two]

Okay. Bye.

Third Person Sample:
Sometimes, Rictor got so tired he couldn’t sleep. It served as a nice contrast to the times he was too angry to sleep, or too lonely, or when he was up all night worrying about nothing because he couldn’t shut his brain off. The only thing that helped, loathe as he was to admit it, was a warm body in his bed with him, preferably if that warm body was Shatterstar, and especially if Shatterstar could pet his hair or something. Fuck.

But Shatterstar wasn’t here, and he was exhausted, and although he couldn’t feel the chip in his arm, his pride at least still stung. They’d taken his guns, too, which made him grit his teeth. His license wasn’t really valid here, and he wasn’t really expecting them to give him a new one. If he wanted to be able to defend himself, chances were he was going to have to go through illegal channels to do it, and that wasn’t something he was ever going to be comfortable with. Still, the way his life went, he’d better do it soon.

There was a time when they wouldn’t even have been able to get near him, but he forced himself not to think about it. Instead he threw an arm over his eyes and tried, once more, to get some sleep.


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