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capital h app

Name: Lindsey
Pronoun: she/her
Email address: xXsophisticat3d@aim.com
Preferred contact: xXsophisticat3d on AIM, plurk bitterends,
Other characters: Jon Snow, Lyra Belacqua

Name: Julio Esteban Richter
Aliases: Rictor
Canon: Marvel 616
Role: CONDOR agent, former Trailblazer
Species: mutant human
Gender: male
Age: 23
Appearance: more or less like gael garcia bernal

Origin story: Rictor was born in Guadalajara to a family of illegal arms dealers on his father's side. His mother died when he was very young, and his father remarried only to be mysteriously murdered some years later. Rictor lived a relatively normal life from that point on until his powers manifested when he was 14. This resulted in a moderate earthquake with considerable property damage and some casualties. Rictor panicked and immediately ran away from home, only to be kidnapped by TRIDENT and taken to their undersea base, where they attempted to torture him into creating a tsunami that would take out the west coast of North America. He was able to hold out long enough for Alpha Force to rescue him, but they were at a loss with what to do with a highly powered, somewhat unstable teenage boy. He was taken into CONDOR custody and trained extensively in the use and control of his powers, until he was able to manipulate seismic energy in a safe and unobtrusive way. As a Trailblazer Rictor was stationed on a series of teams in geographically calm areas until he

Differences from canon:

Power level: X sorry
Team affiliation: CONDOR

First person sample:
Prose sample:
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